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Oriental Rug Cleaning

The textiles that we handle on a regular basis can vary from Persian rugs to Chinese rugs – and all of the countries in between (there are hundreds of weaving centers in the world). We have experience with the cleaning of flat woven textiles and tapestries as well. We also care for natural fiber machine woven specialty area rugs (Karastanian ones). In our oriental rug cleaning methods, we use only carefully selected products and proven techniques, which preserve and not damage the delicate fabrics. Our rug cleaning system includes up to fourteen steps, and many of our rugs are cleaned by our expert wash team in the full-immersion cold water hand-wash system. We are experts in identifying the fibers and the type of the rug. Only a quick glance at it, and our technicians can apply the safest method for the type of fiber.

Rug Cleaning in Riverview FL

Your Oriental rugs are beautiful works of art as well as valuable investments. These rugs are constructed differently than regular carpeting, therefore, should be cleaned using a different specialized cleaning method. To maintain their beauty and enhance their value, your Oriental rugs should be cleaned by specially trained experts using the latest equipment designed specifically for cleaning Oriental rugs. As mentioned above our process usually incldudes up to fourteen steps some of them which are (depends on the severity of the issue):

  • Dusting using a compressed air
  • Dye bleed test
  • Submersion washing
  • Decontamination bath
  • Air and water rinsing
  • Final rinse
  • Drying
  • Fringe cleaning and detailing
  • Final inspection

In a summary please, call us. We have the solution for all of your cleaning needs. Be it upholstery, carpet, rug or drapery cleaning, you need, we are here to provide it, with the professional manner you expect.


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